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Host Silent Disco Events with Good Times Only

Partner with us and co-promote one or regular Silent Disco Parties at your venue. See if your venue qualifies for partnered events.

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Build an Event That Creates Buzz

  • Partner with Good Times Only and host regular silent discos
  • Hassle free ticketing managed by GTO
  • Co-promote with materials provided by GTO
  • Leverage our loyal Silent Disco following

Boost Sales Without the Chaos

  • Bartenders prefer working silent discos, no shouting or asking to repeat orders
  • Crowd control is easier and safer
  • Cater to a larger audience segment with multiple music genres
  • Silent discos allow for breaks from the music, increasing time spent at the venue

Get All of the Party with None of the Noise

  • Compliant with noise ordinances
  • Have conversations without yelling over speakers
  • Individual volume control
  • Surround sound and clear audio

3 Channels. 3 Vibes. 1 Party.

  • 3 music channels can cater to 3 different audiences
  • Have a children’s, pop hits and oldies channel at the same time
  • Unlimited potential use cases to try

Silent Disco Services
Everything You Need for an Unforgettable Party

  • Up to 550 available
  • 3 Channels of HD Audio
  • 12 Hour Battery Life
  • Personal Volume Control
  • One Size Fits All
  • Radio wave transmitters
  • Over 100 yard range
  • Up to three per rental
  • Plug and play set up
  • Wireless options available
  • 5 in 1 Gig Bar Move
  • Disco Ball Simulators
  • Up Lights (single and strip)
  • Haze and Bubble Machine
Music Devices
Samsung tablets pre-loaded with music, including custom curated playlists for your event.
LED Accessories
Add on LED accessories to enhance the party including foam batons, wands, glasses, scrunchies, crowns and more!
DJ Network
Book a DJ from our vetted network in Virginia for live music on one of your headphone channels.
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Silent Disco Benefits
A Party Like No Other!

3 Music Choices, 1 Party

Silent Disco headphones connect to 3 different music channels at the same time! Use the switch on the side of the headphone to toggle between channels to party your way!

Personalized Volume

Never leave a party with ringing ears (unless you want to of course!) With Good Times Only, every headset controls their own volume so you can party as loud, or as quiet, as you want!

Noise Complaint Free

No more blaring speakers disrupting your community. Silent Disco parties limit noise pollution to singing, laughing and talking making it a perfect choice for late nights and shared venues.

Diverse Use Cases

Don’t be fooled, these dynamic headphones are not just for music. Silent Disco allows you host a dance party, movie viewing, and game night all at the same time!

Freeing Experience

Silent Disco’s offer surround sound which allows you to let go of social inhibition. We often hear it feels like singing alone in the car, even in the middle of a crowd!

Visual Delight

The LED colored lights correlate with the music, allowing you to connect with others in a unique and exciting way.

Quality Service from start to finish.
Booking with Good Times Only is fast and transparent. Our team will handle every detail to ensure your party is a hit!  
Free Quotes
We provide itemized quotes for all inquiries within 48 hours. Simply give us a call or submit our contact form.
Easy Invoicing
We use digital contracting and payments for pain free booking and easy to access documents.
Party Planning
We curate playlists, organize DJs, and coordinate with your team to optimize the planning process.
Disco Day
We ensure all equipment is clean, functional and on time for your event.