Good Times Only

Our mission is to facilitate events that encourage play and connection.

Our Silent Disco Partners
ABout Us

Providing Virginia with Joy and Memories Since 2021

Good Times Only was founded by Krissy Muniz in 2021 because she wanted more opportunities to dance.

Knowing how popular silent discos are at music festivals, it was an obvious solution. Fast forward a few years and you’ll see the company that exists today. Good Times Only is a passion project that brings together a love for music and dance to foster connections in the crowd.

We are committed to providing high quality equipment and expertly curated music to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable experience. It’s an honor to be part of your events and provide this unique service. We look forward to facilitating many events in the future

Our Values


Everyone can use a little more fun! We encourage the crowds to let loose, sing, dance and be silly! Embracing playfulness fosters creativity and make each event a one-of-a-kind experience.


We're all about teamwork and welcome feedback from our clients and the crowd. We love teaming with venues and working with local DJs to throw epic silent disco parties for the community


Our passion for music and dance drives us to deliver exceptional events. We are inspired by sharing this passion with our audience, fueling excitement and ensuring that everyone is fully engaged in the experience.

What make a Silent Disco special?

Get Ready for a Dance Party Like No Other!

Silent Disco Parties are a truly novel way of engaging with music and dance. With three channels of music, personalized volume and a sea of glowing lights, a Silent Disco feels different than a typical DJ set.

Skeptical? That's common with novel experiences. We often meet first timers who feel the same. But by the end of the night, those same people are signing their heart out and breaking out dance moves they didn't even know they had!

Silent Disco's Put You in Charge of Your Party

When you're at a silent disco event, you're not just a spectator, you're an active participant. Our headphones allow you to select your music channel and control the volume so you can be fully engaged. It creates a liberating experience, like singing in the shower. You can let go of your inhibitions and become absorbed in the music.

Silent Disco's are for EVERYONE!

Silent Disco's create unique human connections  no matter your age, gender or ethnicity. With three channels, Silent Disco's can cater to different age groups and music preferences at the same time!

We have also found truly special moments with those suffering from dementia or mental disability. With Good Times Only, everyone is included in the party!

Take a Break without Leaving the Action

Traditional music events can be loud and chaotic, making conversation or taking a break impossible without stepping outside. Silent Disco's put you back in control of your experience. You can talk to your friends and family without leaving the dance floor, or turn down your personal volume to take a break without leaving the action.