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Frequently asked questions

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a dance party where, instead of speakers, music is played via multi channel headphones . Each user experiences personalized surround sound and can switch between the different music channels and adjust the volume.

However, the equipment can be used with any audio source. You can connect a TV to have a movie or sports game play to the headphones.

How much does a silent disco cost?

The cost is dependent on a number of factors including size of event, lighting and staffing needs.

A silent disco generally run around $10 per person, but weekday events can go as low as $6 per person. Please contact us to learn more about pricing.

What equipment is needed?

Headphones, transmitters and audio sources. Each transmitter controls one channel. So three transmitters are needed for three channels. Each transmitter must be connected to an audio source. You can connect smartphones, laptops, DJ mixer or TVs .

To bring your event to the next level, we also offer lighting, games, and staffing packages.

Can I set up the system myself?

Yes! The system is a simple plug and play set up so you’ll be ready to party within minutes. Check out our video library for demonstrations.

What type of music is best for a silent disco?

With the 3 channel system, you can have variety in the music selection. Find what your audience likes and get them dancing!

We love electronic dance music and pop remixes but the classics are also a great choice!

Are silent discos suitable for children?

Yes, the silent disco headphones are size adjustable, easy to use and durable, making them safe and fun for children of all ages. Good Times Only also hosts public family friendly events with kids music channels.

How are the headphones cleaned?

We sanitize every headphone after each wear using a skin safe antibacterial formula. The ear protection pieces on the headphones are also frequently replaced.